Walk This Way

Notes for Walkers:

  • Except where otherwise stated, all rambles will involve travel by car to the starting point of the ramble. If a member needs a lift then please contact the leader at least TWO DAYS before the event
  • The leader will be at the designated starting point unless prevented by severe weather conditions. If walkers are uncertain about the weather, they should contact the leader in the first instance
  • Own picnic lunch, or tea, including any drinks should be carried as required
  • We regret that dogs cannot be accommodated, due to difficulties with livestock
  • Please ensure that you are fit for the distance, including some hills and stiles. Do wear the appropriate gear – warm clothing, stout walking boots, and wet weather gear are recommended
  • There will be mud, so keep spare shoes or clothes in your car for your return
  • Some walks start at National Trust car parks or National Trust houses (marked NT).  So if you have a current NT card please bring this with you
  • Some walks are one-way, ie return to start by bus.  This is generally shown on the walks programme.  If you do have a bus pass bring this with you, otherwise some change for the fare
  • Members joining the activities do so at their own risk

List of Walks and Meeting Points

GR=Grid Ref        PC=Post Code     CP=Car Park

£=parking fee         S=Stiles                H=Hills

With Southampton's oldest walking group ( probably )

88 years old and still going strong - every weekend

Summer Walks

Roses, and wondrous

meadow flowers.

Happy days, happy walks!

JULY 2019

Saturday 13th July 2019

Meet & Start 10:00

CP Burley, opp cricket Ground

GR: 214029  PC: BH24 4AP

Circular: Dur Hill, Clay Hill

9 miles  H+

Sunday 21st July 2019

Meet & Start 10:00

National Trust CP at Hinton Ampner House

(£ fee payable by non-NT members)

GR: 595276  PC: SO24 0JZ

Circular: Hinton Ampner, Kilmeston

5 miles, S

Saturday 27th July 2019

Meet & Start 10:00

Abbotswell CP

GR: 178129  PC: SP6  2JA

Circular: Broomy, Amberwood and Alderhill  Inclosures

9 miles


Sunday 4th August 2019

Meet & Start 10:30 

The Gun CP £ Keyhaven

GR: SZ 305915  PC: SO41 0TP

Circular.  5 miles

Saturday 10th August 2019

Meet & Start 10:00

Outside 14 Silverwood Close.Badgers Farm, Winchester

GR: 468281   PC: SO22 4QP

Out & Back: Compton.  5 miles

Sunday 18th August 2019

Meet & Start 10:00

Hunters Park CP, Sports Ground, Park Road, Twyford

(just past allotments)

GR: 483243  PC: SO21 1QT

Circular: Kingfisher Trail, Hockley Golf Course, Itchen Navigation.   6 miles

MONDAY BANK HOLIDAY 26th August 2019

Meet & Start 10:00

Rowlands Castle Rec Ground  CP

GR: 730107   PC: PO9 6AQ

Circular: Rowlands Castle, Stanstead House, Broad Walk

6 miles

Saturday 31st August 2019

Meet & Start 10:00

Beechern Wood CP, Rhinefield Road

GR: 284026  PC: SO42 7QZ

Circular: Brockenhurst, Queen Bower

5 Miles


Sunday 8th September 2019

Meet & Start 10:00 

CP at rear of Broughton Village Hall

GR: 310328  PC: SO20 8AX

Circular:Beech Tree Walk, Haughton

6 Miles S&H

Saturday 14th September 2019

Meet & Start 10:00 

Testwood Lakes CP

GR: 348153  PC: SO40 3YD

Circular: Moorecourt, Test Way, Nursling Mill

6 miles

Sunday 22nd September 2019

Meet & Start 10:15

Park in layby opposite Preston Candover School

GR: 607418  PC: RG25 2EE

Circular: Breach Farm

7 Miles H

Sunday 28th September 2019

Meet & Start 10:00 

High Corner Forestry Com CP

GR: 199104   PC: BH24 3QX

Circular: Woodford Bottom, Hallickshole Hill, and

Ragged Boys Hill (really!)

7 miles H